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Amazing Sights: Visiting The Hill Of Crosses In Lithuania

The Hill of Crosses is awe-inspiring and simply stunning. Made up of well over 200,000 crosses, this monument is one of Lithuania’s most popular sites and one place you absolutely must visit in Lithuania. It’s located 12km north of Šiauliai,… Continue Reading →

My First Ever Vlog!

The last few weeks have definitely been busy. But I’ve been working on a project from my trip to Lithuania, and today is finally the day to share it all with you! Introducing… my first ever vlog! For those who… Continue Reading →

7 Places You Need To Visit In Lithuania

My first trip to Lithuania was one for the books! This Eastern European gem in the Baltics definitely has a lot to see. I only spent 4 days in the country, and it definitely wasn’t long enough! There is so… Continue Reading →

Eloping In Europe: How (And Why) To Get Married In Gibraltar

Warning: super personal post alert! It’s been exactly one year since I eloped and got married in Gibraltar, so I thought on my first wedding anniversary I’d do a post all about it! Gibraltar is located on the very southern… Continue Reading →

Hiking In The Yorkshire Dales: Malham

I finally crossed a huge item off my Yorkshire bucket list a few weeks ago, and visited the Yorkshire Dales National Park! With beautiful scenery and great opportunities for hiking, the Dales were at the top of my list and… Continue Reading →

February 2017 Recap

Welcome back to another monthly recap! February was a fairly busy month, with lots of fun adventures, but also with lots of work (as always). Here’s what I got up to last month! Where I Went York, Malham, Skipton (United… Continue Reading →

The Katherine Of Aragon Festival In Peterborough

Nerdy post alert! For those of you who don’t know me all that well, I am a huge history buff. English/British history has been my main focus point since I was a kid, particularly the Tudor era. So it was… Continue Reading →

Krakow: The Perfect Gateway City

Krakow. This Polish city is one of my favorites in Europe. It is stunningly beautiful, with magnificent old architecture, has a fascinating (albeit sometimes dark) history, and is wonderfully affordable. There’s a lot of things you should know about Poland…. Continue Reading →

My One-Year Blog-A-Versary!

Today is a big day: one year ago today, I bought my website domain name and hosting, and Away With Maja was created! My one-year “blog-a-versary” has crept up much faster than I thought it would, and I still can’t… Continue Reading →

The Lviv-Krakow Night Train

My trip to Lviv was short but sweet—I had just a few days in the country before heading back to Poland, this time to Krakow. I’ve already written about taking the Warsaw-Lviv night train, but wanted to do another post… Continue Reading →

Spending Christmas Away From Home

This past Christmas was different from previous Christmases for me in a lot of ways. Mainly because I spent the holiday season traveling, on the road in Poland! But after spending three out of the last four Christmases away from… Continue Reading →

Travel Resolutions For The New Year

 New year, new you? Every year, it hits January and people seem to decide to make life changes and resolutions. I’ve never really bought into the hype about New Year’s Resolutions. I went through a phase in high school where… Continue Reading →

January 2017 Recap

Welcome to my first monthly recap! After writing weekly recap posts right after my move to the UK, I realized two things: I really enjoy recap posts, and they will start getting very boring if I continue writing them every… Continue Reading →

The Warsaw-Lviv Night Train

One of the things that I use travel blogs for the most is for transportation advice—and especially overnight transportation. I recently took the night train from Warsaw, Poland to Lviv, Ukraine, and wanted to do a full write-up of the… Continue Reading →

Off The Beaten Path: Lviv, Ukraine

My real question planning my trip to Lviv, Ukraine: would it be worth two night trains? Because of transportation schedules, visiting Lviv meant that I would be taking two night trains (to and from Poland) in a period of four… Continue Reading →

A Guide To Warsaw

Warsaw is an interesting city with an incredibly complex history. I’ve visited twice, and both of my visits fell over important religious holidays: Easter Monday and Christmas—which are big holidays for super Catholic Poland. I was unprepared for this on… Continue Reading →

10 Things You Should Know About Poland

Despite spending a week in Poland in April 2014, I realized I’ve barely written about it on the blog! Well, considering that Poland is one of my favorite countries, that needed to change. My trip over Christmas and New Year’s… Continue Reading →

First Impressions Of Lviv, Ukraine

Добрий день, Украïна! My first ever trip to Ukraine was a quick 3 days in Lviv, one of the largest cities in western Ukraine. It’s been strange and awesome and weird and wonderful all wrapped up in one. I really… Continue Reading →

The Best Places I Visited In 2016

Another annual round-up post! I recently wrote a post about my top experiences of 2016. To contrast with that post, I wanted to write about the best places that I visited in 2016—not the coolest experiences, but the places that… Continue Reading →

My Top 20 Experiences Of 2016

2016 has been a huge year for me. Looking back on it, I think 2016 is always going to be the year that I prioritized travel, got married, and moved to England. Big life events! It was monumental and huge… Continue Reading →

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