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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lisbon

For my first ever trip to Portugal, I headed for a few days to the capital: Lisbon. Bright, warm, and lots of fun, Lisbon has a charm that really makes you kind of just want to stay forever. Thinking about heading to Lisbon? This is the sign that you should go! Here are 5 reasons why you should visit Lisbon:


1. Food

Even if you were only going to Portugal for the food, it would still be worth it because of these tasty little pastries called pastel de nata. The famous Pasteis de Belem in Lisbon’s Belem neighborhood does them best, and yes, you should get the set of 6. Besides pastel de nata, Portugal’s food scene is seafood heavy due to its proximity to the ocean. Despite not being a huge seafood fan myself, I found the codfish to be amazing!

Mosterio dos Jeronimos // Lisbon, Portugal

2. Prices

Lisbon is a very affordable capital for Western European standards. Your euros will last much longer than if you were in France or Italy! Student discounts go a long ways in saving you money on tourist attractions, public transportation is nice for those on a budget (1.40€ for a Metro ride, 1.25€ for a tram ride), and beer is cheap. Lisbon is great for budget travelers!

I am definitely in a group pub crawl picture floating around somewhere on the internet in front of this statue // Lisbon, Portugal

3. Nightlife

Of course no post on Lisbon would be complete without an ode to its poppin’ nightlife. Bars and clubs will be bouncing all night until the early hours of the morning, making for very late nights. You’re guaranteed to have a fun night out—especially on a weekend!


4. Architecture

The architecture in Lisbon is stunning—narrow, winding streets, bright colors, and some of the most beautifully tiled buildings I’ve ever seen. Head over to the Alfama area and get lost exploring—you’ll never know what you’ll find!


5. Weather

Maybe it’s just because I had previously spent a large chunk of time in Zambia (where I was constantly sweating) and England (no explanation needed), but the weather in Lisbon was absolutely glorious during the end of May. Bright and sunny, warm but not too hot, the weather is definitely one of the best things about Lisbon. Bring sunscreen, it’s one of the sunniest capital cities in Europe!


Have you ever been to Lisbon? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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