About Me

Hi there and welcome to my blog, Away With Maja! Born and raised in Minneapolis, in the great state of Minnesota, USA, I caught the travel bug way back in 2010 on a high school trip to Spain. More trips have followed, especially since my year of adventure studying abroad in Nottingham, England from 2013-2014. In 2016, I followed my heart and moved to England again, this time to York.

My main focus on the blog is budget travel in Europe, particularly lesser-known destinations in Eastern Europe. I’m always traveling on a budget, trying to maximize savings and cut costs on the road in order to travel longer and further. Eastern Europe is by far my favorite region in the world, and one that I have traveled extensively. Now that I live in England, I also focus on destinations throughout Great Britain and the United Kingdom (especially Yorkshire, where I’m lucky enough to call home), and what life abroad is actually like.

I’ve created this space to share stories and advice from my travels, and (hopefully!) to inspire others to travel as much and as far as possible. I hope you’ll come away with me on my adventures!