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The Top 10 Budget European Cities In 2017

Traveling can often be a massive expense, and going on a trip can take significant time saving and creating a budget. Europe in particular is an amazing continent with so much to offer travelers, but with cities like London and Paris, it’s not necessarily going to be cheap. One of my best travel hacks? Traveling… Read More The Top 10 Budget European Cities In 2017

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20 Tips for Traveling Eastern Europe

I’ve visited lots of places in Eastern Europe. It is one of my favorite regions in the world to explore, but one that so many people deem “dangerous” and disregard completely. Which is why I’m here to tell you that it’s not that scary, and absolutely worth visiting! A trip to Eastern Europe will require… Read More 20 Tips for Traveling Eastern Europe

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8 Tips for Traveling In Catholic Europe During Easter

Europe is an incredibly diverse continent. There are so many different countries, languages, religions, and ethnicities in a relatively compact area, and border hopping is so easy! Catholicism is the official religion of many different countries, and the Catholic holidays are just as important as other national holidays. But traveling during Easter in Catholic countries… Read More 8 Tips for Traveling In Catholic Europe During Easter

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A Guide To Warsaw

Warsaw is an interesting city with an incredibly complex history. I’ve visited twice, and both of my visits fell over important religious holidays: Easter Monday and Christmas—which are big holidays for super Catholic Poland. I was unprepared for this on my first visit—I didn’t know Easter Monday was a thing, and literally everything was closed.… Read More A Guide To Warsaw