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Daytripping Around England: Derby

England is my favorite country in the world by far—there are so many different cities to see and places to explore. Being based out of Nottingham on this trip, I’ve made it my goal to try to visit some of the nearby cities and see what they have to offer. Most of the places I’m hoping to visit are places I wanted to visit when I lived in Notts two years ago, but just never made the time for it. So, today I went to check out Derby!


Derby was one of the focal towns of the Industrial Revolution, and became a huge manufacturing center. Today it’s still known for its advanced transport manufacturing (Rolls-Royce air engines in particular), and is a transport hub in the East Midlands. While Derby seems to still be eclipsed by nearby Nottingham, the city kept me busy for the afternoon, which is really all I ask for from any daytrip!

The interior of Derby Cathedral // Derby, England

Derby Cathedral was the main highlight for me—the church was founded over 1000 years ago, and the present cathedral was reconstructed in the 1700s. The tomb of Bess of Hardwick, a formidable, strategic, and wealthy noblewoman is the cathedral’s number one attraction.


The Derby Museum and Art Gallery was interesting and full of local connections (as to be expected with small, regional museums). The museum’s most well-known feature is the Joseph Wright gallery, a large collection of his paintings and portraits. They also had interesting exhibits on archaeology, natural history, and the military history of particular Derbyshire regiments from the Napoleanic Wars up to the present day in Afghanistan. Admission is free, although there are donation boxes if you feel like it.


Pickford’s House Museum is a Georgian home built by Joseph Pickford in 1770. The museum gives an in-depth look at everyday life during the late 18th century and early 19th century. My favorite part of the museum was the toy theater collection on the top floor, and the toilet in the Edwardian bathroom (which was open for public use). There were painted flowers inside the toilet bowl! Admission is free here as well.

Silk Mill // Derby, England

Two things I missed on my trip to Derby: the Derby Industrial Museum (located in the Silk Mill), which is closed for refurbishment. I also missed the Derby Gaol, which is closed during the week except for private tours.

Derby Market Place // Derby, England

Derby was exceptionally easy to get to from Nottingham (the Red Arrow bus runs every 10 minutes and the journey only took 35 minutes). In terms of the rest of England, the bus station has local connections and is serviced by National Express, England’s main coach company. The train station has connections all over the Midlands, so again it’s easily accessible.

“Amen Alley” next to the cathedral—I thought this was hilarious // Derby, England

While I wasn’t blown away by Derby, I was pleasantly surprised that it had enough to keep me busy for the day. That there was free admission at several of the attractions was a nice bonus as well! My final verdict: Derby is worth an afternoon of exploring, but I wouldn’t recommend staying here for much longer. Overall, I’m glad I visited Nottingham’s close neighbor for the day.

Have you ever been to Derby or on another daytrip in England? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Sweet! So did you fly to Gibraltar and back to the UK? If so, what airline and how much was the tickets? If not, how’d yah travel?

    1. Yep, I flew to Gibraltar with EasyJet for £34 ($48), flew back with Monarch for £27 ($38)! Carry-on only but you can’t knock those prices 🙂

  2. […] If you’re looking to explore the surrounding area, there are a few day-trips you can take outside of Nottingham. Newstead Abbey is a nice day-trip from Notts—the Pronto bus drops you off directly at the gates of the abbey. Sherwood Forest, home to Robin Hood and his merry men, is also a popular tourist destination. The easy loop to see the Major Oak (supposedly Robin Hood’s hideout) is usually busy with lots of other people. If you want to go farther, you’re definitely close enough to explore the Peak District. If you’re up for a one-hour bus ride and a two-mile walk, you can reach Hardwick Hall with public transportation. Nottingham is also easily connected by bus to Mansfield, Chesterfield, Southwell, and Derby. […]

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