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First Thoughts On Moving Abroad

I’m writing this post from my new home, in England!!! Moving to England has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, but I wanted to take some time to share some of my thoughts about this big change in a more personal-style post. This is so different from my previous trips to England, and very different from my year studying abroad in Nottingham. I am happy to be here, in England, and in York!

Me, waiting for my bags to show up
Me, waiting for my bags to show up

My stress level has transcended a new realm

I get stressed out easily to begin with, so when my flight leaving Minneapolis was delayed by an hour and a half, meaning I would probably miss my connection to Manchester, I was panicking. I ended up having 5 (FIVE!) whole minutes at the airport in Reykjavik before boarding my next flight, which was great! Unfortunately, my 4 (FOUR!) checked bags didn’t make it onto my flight. Hopefully I will get them today. I have one more pair of clean socks, no more clean shirts, and no more pants (besides what I was wearing on the plane). And considering I’m moving, literally everything I own is in those four checked bags. My stress and anxiety has skyrocketed to a place where I can’t even be stressed about it anymore.

My first glimpse of England!
My first glimpse of England!

Going through customs at the border was a piece of cake

Having had a couple slightly nerve-wracking interactions with UK border officials entering the country (don’t get married to a Brit and then not have physical copies of paperwork to prove you’re leaving…), I was so happy to go through my border check with next to no problems. I was only asked some basic questions about Adam and where I’ll be living, which almost seemed like small talk. Of course, it helps that I had my visa paper ready, and the privilege that comes with having a US passport. I moved through the border within five minutes—and maybe not all of that is because I’m an American citizen, but I think it’s important to recognize passport privilege. I’m lucky and grateful.


England feels so comfortable for me

It still hasn’t totally hit me yet, that I’m really living in England, and I think part of that is because England is just so comfortable for me. I’ve already lived here for a year. I’ve spent a lot of time over here in the last three years. I already have a Tesco Clubcard, I know which way to look before I cross the street, I’m not surprised that it’s been raining on and off since I arrived in York yesterday. I had a kebab last night and a bowl of Honey Nut Cornflakes this morning. It’s familiar and not scary. I like that. I like feeling at home here when it’s official, legally and on paper, as opposed to just feeling it in my heart and soul. It’s good.

Is this not the cutest coffee house ever?! // York, England
Is this not the cutest coffee house ever?!

I have a good feeling about York

I said this before, but I have a really good feeling about York. Just walking around yesterday (fighting off the jetlag), and I kept thinking, “that place is so cool! I can’t wait to go there! I live here now!” I’m excited to explore the city, to find a local pub and a good kebab shop and to settle in. There’s even a coffee house in the gate of the old city walls!!! So far so good, York.


I’m so happy to be with Adam

Adam and I have done long distance for almost our entire relationship. While that might seem romantic to some people, there’s nothing fun about waking up at 5:00am or staying up until 1:00am to Skype for ten minutes. We have been waiting for this day, when we are finally together in the same country on a permanent basis, since I left England two and half years ago. Living together and being together is a dream come true, and I am so excited to see where this adventure takes us! We are so lucky, today and everyday, to have found one another and stayed together.


I’m very excited to see my (British) friends!

When I studied in Nottingham, I ended up making a great group of friends from my Polish language class. Three years since we met, we’re all still really good friends! It’s not all British friends, since I’ve got one Frenchie in the group. Even though I’ve met up with all of them on my trips to England since then (and of course spent a fair amount of time with Adam hahaha!), we haven’t been able to get all 6 of us together since my going away party in June 2014. I can’t wait to see them and hang out with them and not have to worry about saying goodbye! I’m so fortunate to have a family here already. Oh, and I can’t wait to see one of my best friends from college in Scotland at the beginning of November! And not just because she’s bringing a suitcase of my stuff over! 🙂

Fall colors on the Mississippi River, on my last day in Minneapolis
Fall colors on the Mississippi River, on my last day in Minneapolis

I miss Minnesota and my family/friends already

I love Minnesota. I think Minneapolis is one of the greatest cities in the world (because it is). And I am already missing home and my family and my friends. As I know from lengthy time abroad, it’s hard. Homesickness and loneliness and missing people come in waves. I got unbelievably sad (even though moving to England is so exciting!) when I was getting ready to leave, because I will miss it all so much.


I have tons of blog posts coming soon!

I have a giant list of posts I want to write, have already half-written, or ideas I think would be great. From my trip to New York City, to Minnesotan things, to UK visas—there’s lots of work to do! I have lots of content to get ready!


But my first order of business: finding a job

My first task is to find myself a job! Although being unemployed has its benefits (I haven’t had to go to work in 13 days! Holla!!!), I’m looking forward to being able to settle into a routine. And also to make money and, you know, live. I have a few jobs I already know that I want to apply for (which I should be doing instead of this blog post!), and I’ll figure it out from there.

Thank you to everyone for the love and support as I transition with this big change!

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