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Living In England: Week 8

Yesterday I passed the 8-week mark: I’ve officially been living in England for two months! Sometimes I still can’t believe that this is my life now, and that I’m finally living here. I’m still making the adjustment to a full-time job and settling into routines. This is what I’ve been up to this week!

I had the most perfect weekend in London

London is my favorite city in the world. And my quick weekend trip reminded me just how much I love this city, and how much it loves me back. I had the best weather possible (two days of blue skies and sunshine and not a drop of rain—what is this?!?), wandered around taking photos to my heart’s desire, and visited two new places. I have a new rule about London, that every trip I have to do at least one new thing—the temptation to do my favorite things and visit my favorite places time and time again is too real. This time around I visited both the Natural History Museum, and the National Gallery! I’d recommend both since they’re fantastic—and they’re also free!

Seriously, I love London.

It’s hard to put into words just how important London is to me. But on my trip last weekend, I got very nostalgic over London and all the memories I have with the city. London has watched me grow up. It has seen me change and grow and love a million times over. The city has been so important on my journey through life, and I really feel as if it is its own character in my life. It loves me just as much as I love it. I’m never truly alone when I’m in London, since I’m always with my favorite city. There is no city in the world that can compare. I love London. Read more here.

I’m struggling now with a good blogging schedule

You may not have noticed, but this is the first week that I haven’t posted anything at all in-between my weekly posts. My goal is to write 3 posts a week here on the blog—and this week I didn’t do anything. I think that’s part of the adjustment of starting full-time work (and attempting to have a life in the meantime). But I still have a huge list of posts I want to write, and just haven’t found the time to get started on them. Hopefully next week will be better, and the rest of this month will go well blog-wise!


Friends, yesterday was a good day: one of my favorite UK chains has opened its doors in York! Primark is mainly for clothing/accessory/household shopping, and is just about the closest thing I have to Target in this country. It’s cheap and has pretty much everything you could need clothing/accessory/house wise. I’m absolutely thrilled!

Gearing up for my Christmas trip

I’ll be spending just shy of 2 weeks in Poland and western Ukraine this Christmas, and I couldn’t be more excited! Things are pretty much booked, plans are being made, and I am so excited! I’m slightly nervous, just because we’ll be taking night trains both to and from Lviv, and I typically struggle with overnight transport because I never sleep well. But overall, I know it’ll be a great trip, and I’m so happy that this is where I’ll be spending Christmas and New Years!

I’ve decided to switch from weekly to monthly recap posts

Read ‘em while you can, there will only be two more weekly posts after this one! I’ve decided to switch from weekly posts to monthly ones, for a lot of reasons. Probably my main reason is that I just don’t have all that much to talk about in them—40+ hours of my week will be spent working, and that just isn’t all that exciting. I also really like using photos from that week in my weekly posts, and I don’t have as much time to take photos around town. And the other main reason I’ve decided to switch, is that I’m settled in here in England now. I’m no longer living in a new country and adjusting to a new life abroad. I started these weekly posts to share my thoughts and reflections about living in England, and as I get more settled, I just have less interesting things to share. It’s also difficult, getting everything ready to go specifically for Friday, every Friday—the pressure is good in that it motivates me, but with work it’s getting to be a bit much. I do like doing recap posts though, so I’ve decided to switch to monthly ones instead! I plan to organize my monthly posts a bit differently from my weekly ones. So I hope it’s not too much of a disappointment, but after week 10 I’ll be switching to a monthly recap!

Over to you! What have you been up to this week?

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