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Lokrum: A Perfect Dubrovnik Daytrip

The island Lokrum is the closest island to Dubrovnik’s Old Town, and one of my favorite spots in Croatia! It is a great way to escape the crowds from cruise ships that inundate the Old Town during the day. Here’s everything you need to know about this island daytrip!

Lokrum is a nature reserve, full of forests, rock cliffs, and the reserve’s most famous inhabitants, peacocks. You’ll see them strutting around mainly on the eastern part of the island.


The Dead Sea is (obviously) nothing like the actual Dead Sea in the Middle East—but it’s a great spot for a swim! There are rocks perfect for hanging out and the water is very clear and surprisingly deep. It’s possible to cliff jump in—just swim out to the middle and make sure it’s deep enough first! There is also nudist beach on Lokrum, at the far eastern end of the island. It’s marked FKK on signposts and maps.


The old Franciscan Monastery on the island is mainly ruins, and much of it was under construction during my most recent visit. The monks lived here until 1808. There is a new Visitor Center in one of the monastery buildings, showcasing Lokrum’s claim to fame: as a filming location in the ever popular Game of Thrones show. There is a replica of the throne you can sit on, as well as information about the filming of the show.


Fort Royal is a steep hike up—it’s the highest point on the island, located just about in the middle. Much of the fort complex is just ruined buildings, but the main keep is still in tact. It is definitely worth the climb up for the views from the top! It’s the perfect spot for a picnic, and any Croatian or Balkan wine (or champagne) is the perfect accompaniment. If you can, I recommend climbing up onto the roof of the fort—one of my best travel moments was sitting on the roof, soaking it all in, and enjoying the views.


The two most popular activities are swimming and hiking. There are mainly rock/cliff areas (some with ladders) for swimming. There are also loads of paths all over the island for hiking—the western side of the island is much quieter and more secluded than trails on the eastern side.


The Basics: The ferry to the island leaves every hour from the port in the Old Town, starting in the morning. The journey takes about 15 minutes and costs 100 kuna (~$15). There are a few restaurants on the island (close to the port), so make sure to bring your own food/drinks with you. And be sure to check when the last ferry back is (usually 5:00pm or 6:00pm) so that you’re not stuck on the island!

Lokrum is one of my favorite places in Croatia and a great daytrip from Dubrovnik. It’s incredibly scenic, with just enough to keep you busy for the day. If you’re headed to Dubrovnik, make sure to set aside a day to see Lokrum!

Have you ever been on a daytrip from Dubrovnik? Share your experiences in the comments!

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