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Packing Tips: My 5 Clothing Essentials

One of the hardest things to pack for any trip is your clothes. You want to look cute, be comfortable, have options, and still fit everything all into your luggage—and doing it all is kind of impossible. Packing has become much easier for me now that I travel so much, simply because I bring most of the same clothes with me! (This is why I’m wearing basically the same outfit in all pictures taken of me ever…) The key to packing is having the right kind of clothes: clothes that can be worn multiple ways, match with everything, can be layered depending on weather, and are comfortable. Here are 5 clothing essentials I never leave home without:


1. Black leggings

Comfortable like nothing else, I live in black leggings. They go with everything and I have brought my Under Armor leggings on every single trip. I wear them as bottoms during the day, pajamas at night, an extra layer underneath jeans if it’s cold, and I’ll sometimes wear them instead of tights under a skirt. They go with every item of clothing I own, and are great for outdoor activities (like hiking) since they’re more flexible than jeans. I love them. Bury me in them. They are worth their weight in gold.


2. Denim chambray shirt

I wear this shirt everywhere, always as a layer over something else (typically a regular t-shirt). It takes up far less space than a sweatshirt or a sweater, and goes with almost everything I own (except blue denim jeans). It is perfect for airplanes, where it’s just chilly enough that you want another layer, or early mornings before the temperatures rise with the sun.


3. A day-to-night nice top

I own this basic maroon top (don’t even remember where I got it since I’ve had it for years) that comes with me on every single trip. It is the perfect day-to-night shirt—it’s casual enough that I can wear it during the day with jeans or leggings for sightseeing, but nice enough that I can pair it with dressier bottoms (like a skirt) and cuter footwear (like boots) for a night out. Two outfits for the space of one!


4. Black T-shirt

The benefits of a plain black t-shirt are never-ending. I typically travel with one or two v-neck t-shirts, and one of them is always black. T-shirts take up basically zero space. Black is slimming and (for the most part) hides sweat stains. It goes with every single thing I own, and I can still sometimes dress it up for going out at night! It is one of my absolute essentials for every trip I take.


5. Scarf

Scarves are my favorite accessory, and one of the only ones I will bring on a trip. It’s an easy way to switch up an outfit (in an effort to make it look like you don’t wear the same clothes every day), but they’re also a great way to keep warm. I also use a scarf as an eyemask when I’m trying to sleep on any plane/train/bus/etc—I go for the mummify method and wrap it around my whole head to block out all the light! Scarves also easily double as a headscarf, which is really important for women when visiting certain churches, or when traveling in predominantly Muslim countries where it’s respectful to cover your hair. I always bring at least one scarf with me on every trip!

What must-have clothes are your essentials on trips? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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