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Hostel Review: Friends on Dostoevskogo, St. Petersburg

As part of my goal to review more accommodation and hostels on the blog, I thought I’d do one on the hostel I stayed at in St. Petersburg. This location, Friends on Dostoevskogo, was part of a popular chain called… Continue Reading →

A Daytrip To Tsarskoe Selo From St. Petersburg

With a city as rich in history as St. Petersburg, there’s no wonder that there’s plenty of great daytrips outside the city center. One of the most popular daytrips is to Tsarskoe Selo, literally “tsar’s village” in Russian, in the… Continue Reading →

A Peterhof Daytrip: One of My Favorite Places in Russia

Peterhof is Peter the Great’s grand palace, located on the Gulf of Finland outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. On my first trip to Russia, I unfortunately missed visiting, due to getting sick and losing several precious days. I told all… Continue Reading →

25 Things You Must Do In St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is one of my favorite cities in the world. It really is yin and yang to the Russian capital, Moscow. Beautiful architecture, picturesque churches, and charming canals—what more could you ask for?! And no time is better to… Continue Reading →

Red Square: Your Guide To Moscow’s Top Attraction

Red Square is synonymous not just with Moscow, but with Russia itself. Located at the heart of the Russian capital, Red Square (or “krasnaya ploschad” // “Красная площадь”) is a massive square filled with some of the most noteworthy attractions… Continue Reading →

A Guide for St. Petersburg’s White Nights

The White Nights (Белые Ночи, “Beluye Nochi”) is the term for the time of year in summer, from early June to late July, where northern cities in Europe like St. Petersburg experience very long daylight hours. While many other northern… Continue Reading →

Hostel Review: Godzillas Hostel, Moscow

One of my goals from this big trip is to review more hostels here on the blog. I love hostels—I almost always stay in them, either in dorms or in a private room. I’ve stayed at Godzillas Hostel in Moscow… Continue Reading →

10 Moscow Metro Stations You Must Visit

The Moscow Metro opened in 1935, and is the fifth-longest in the world. It carries up to 9 million people every day! While it serves a practical purpose for daily commuters, it is also one thing you absolutely must do… Continue Reading →

25 Things You Must Do In Moscow

Moscow. The capital of Russia. The biggest city in Europe. Red Square, Stalin’s Seven Sisters, politics and history everywhere. There is a whole lot to see and do in Moscow (pronounced “Moskva” in Russian) that you might not even be… Continue Reading →

20 Practical Tips for Traveling in European Russia

Russia is an absolutely massive country, and one that so many people shy away from visiting due to the complicated visa process and the general “foreignness” of the language and customs. My trip to Russia was absolutely some of the… Continue Reading →

Thornton-le-Dale: Why You Need To Visit This Charming Yorkshire Village

Britain is home to some of the most quaint scenery and cute houses. The county of Yorkshire is no exception! Of all of the charming villages I’ve been to, Thornton-le-Dale in North Yorkshire might be the most picturesque I’ve seen…. Continue Reading →

July 2017 Recap

July has been one of my busiest travel months almost since starting the blog! This month has flown by and, as this post is going live, I can’t believe that I have a little over a week left of this… Continue Reading →

Visiting Belarus Visa-Free For 5 Days: Everything You Need To Know

In February, the country of Belarus in Eastern Europe introduced a new 5-day visa-free scheme. As Belarus is one of the most closed-off countries in Europe, this was a huge change and one that I knew I wanted to take… Continue Reading →

My 30 Favorite Photos From My Trip To Russia

The start of this trip in Russia was an absolute dream. With the visa process taken care of, I was so incredibly excited to go back to one of my favorite places in the entire world. There is so much… Continue Reading →

June 2017 Recap

June has been a crazy busy month. As this post is going live, I’m in Russia! And it’s late. Oops. I always try to publish recaps on the first of the month, but this time it just didn’t happen. I… Continue Reading →

How I’ve Saved Thousands of Dollars to Travel the World

The time has come, yet again: I’m heading off on a big trip this summer! And whenever I announce I’m going on a trip, it’s only ever a short time before I’m asked the inevitable question: how can you afford… Continue Reading →

A Daytrip To Ripon

Three years ago, I was studying abroad in Nottingham and our group went on a long weekend trip up north. As we were driving from Fountain’s Abbey to York, Bob the bus driver made a detour and drove us in… Continue Reading →

How To Get A Russia Tourist Visa In The UK

Russia is the largest country in the world and one of the most fascinating, beautiful, and diverse places on earth. But so many people don’t visit it for one simple reason: every person needs to have a visa to enter… Continue Reading →

10 Everyday Items I Pack On Every Trip

Packing has become second nature to me—every trip I go on, I bring more or less the exact same things. While there are some great clothing essentials that are definitely important, it’s almost always the small items that make the… Continue Reading →

On Returning To Russia

Personal post time. Three years ago, I visited Russia for the first time. It was the trip of dreams: two weeks solo in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Russia was my greatest dream. I’ve loved Russian history since I was a… Continue Reading →

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